We strive to provide brilliant ideas and impeccable execution to all our clients – large or small, but all larger than life.

As a full-service event management agency with access to a vast collection of design and production specialists, we can seamlessly deliver your total event: from inspired concept, to creation, to impeccable execution. Or, we can collaborate with your team and other partners as required to deliver your project. The choice is in your hands. Either way, you’ll be assured of outstanding creative vision and expert technical dexterity.

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Creative never sleeps

The whole team works in the creative department. Being creative is about solving problems, coming up with the best ideas – ideas that work – and delivering amazing results under pressure. We create bespoke experiences that speak to the senses, the emotions. You might even say we have a bit of a reputation for it. Our creative vision exceeds boundaries and always lies outside of the ordinary. Each event is unique, carefully and strategically imagined for each client we collaborate with.


Strategic thinking through design

Thoughtful and insightful design is present in every aspect of our approach. Does it work well? Is it beautiful, simple, experiential? Does it align with the brand’s strategic vision? We keep all these questions in mind when we develop and prototype the event design. Working collaboratively across our diverse in-house team, we are able to produce sophisticated design that never loses sight of practicality. We know from working experience that good design needs to be executional. Learning the boundaries and then manipulating them is what we do best. We call it design thinking.

Bringing design to life

Assembling an event involves tying together a myriad of minute details. With over 20 years of practical experience in event production, we know it’s not for the uninitiated. That’s why we have high-calibre designers, artists, carpenters, set designers, production managers and digital experts all collaborating on each production. Everything is painstakingly planned in advance. There are no afterthoughts.

Bringing imagination to life

A live event is a moment in time, helping define the very essence of your brand’s makeup. It’s also capable of producing change, the ripples of its impact enduring long after the final guest has departed. When we manage your event, we ensure that your strategic vision is realised before, during and after launch day. We deliver an integrated, collaborative experience – deftly and seamlessly executed. We are judged by our end product – the experience – refined, tested and perfected with obsessive attention to detail.