anything is possible


The most successful brands speak through experiences. They focus on generating an emotional connection with the individuals they interact with.

Total Event are an experiential production and event management company, specialising in live events for brands, corporations and individuals. A live event can be the cynosure that brings to life a brand’s philosophy and strategy. It can align a workforce or engage consumers, reinforce loyalty or deliver reward, educate or entertain – it generates emotion. The world’s most successful brands know the value of intangible, emotional connection.


We strive to provide brilliant ideas and impeccable execution to all our clients – large or small, but all larger than life. As a full-service event management agency with access to a vast collection of design and production specialists, we can seamlessly deliver your total event: from inspired concept, to creation, to impeccable execution. Or, we can collaborate with your team and other partners as required to deliver your project. The choice is in your hands. Either way, you’ll be assured of outstanding creative vision and expert technical dexterity.